The other day I purchased an MBP13 from eBay. It was a great deal and it came from Italy. I should probably elaborate this point as it was kind of unique. I live in Spain, but I’m originally from the US, as such, I prefer a US keyboard (the Spanish, or even the UK English keyboard layouts are different, trust me). Anyway, on eBay I found an MBP13 with a US keyboard layout, that was originally purchased in Japan, but was being sold by a person in Rome, Italy, coming to an American living in Barcelona, Spain… funny no?

Anyway, I got the laptop and it was in very good shape. However, like all used pieces of software, I needed to reset it. However, the installer’s language (not the OS) was in Italian.

I looked online for changing the language of MacOS and I was always directed to the System Preferences –> Language and Region –> Set to English… change, but that is AFTER you have installed the OS.

So I gave my bad Italian a try and I ended up with a bad disk partition and a bad install.

2017-12-15 14.04.02.jpg

I then figured out the setting. To update the language on your installer (or BIOS, as some people referred to it), do this:

  1. Restart the machine by holding down the power button until it shuts off (around 5-10 seconds)
  2. Press the power button again
  3. Immediately after pressing the power button hold down command and r (command + r), just keep it holding down
  4. That will start the recovery cycle and it will try to connect to the internet. Wait for that to finish
  5. You’ll arrive at the Installer.
  6. Regardless of the language just remember to click on the second menu (not counting the Apple logo), the first option will be Change Language. Click and you are set 🙂 2017-12-18 19.44.37.jpg

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